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New Puppy Parents?

For first time parents here's what to expect in the first couple months.

Each puppy's first month of being with his or her new family is the most important stage for bonding and training. Adopting parents don't take their new puppy home until they are eight weeks or older, but don't worry that you have been missing out; this is when everything starts getting fun:)

By the time its four months old they're personality should be quite clear. you can tell whether they'll be quite, bold, bossy, or shy. Also they'll start getting more and more permanent teeth at this age, so keep chew toys close by or you might start finding a shoe or two chewed up:)

When you get up to month five you might begin to notice that your puppy will start to push the boundaries a bit, just keep in mind that your puppy is still continuing in development. The best way to deal with this is to keep your puppy well socialized and try to keep things puppy proof, baby gates, puppy proof latches and garbage cans etc.

Time really flies! and before you know it your little puppy is six months old! by now the little bundle of energy that you brought home four months ago is starting to look like a full grown dog, and believe it or not dogs will also go through adolescents just like teenagers. They might become a little moody and unpredictable, but don't worry, your puppy is on its way to adulthood. By now you should know who your dog is, and love her like crazy. Sometimes it can be hard and your just fed up, but then they do something that melts your heart and you just want to love them to bits. So get outside and enjoy your best friend:)

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