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Females vs. Males

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Oftentimes, families do not consider adoption of a male puppy, with the thought that male puppies will frequently be "marking their territory" (i.e. hiking leg), or that they may not have as loving of a demeanor as a female, or that they may have a more hyper personality.

This is a common misconception, both through our own personal experience and from customer feedback through the years. A male puppy can have a loving and non-hyper temperament and be just as rewarding of an adoption as a female puppy.

A reasonable level of hyper-ness is normal with both male and female puppies during puppyhood. They have a lot of energy and want to play. Also, if you have your male puppy neutered at an early age (consistent with the advice your family vet), your male puppy will most likely not exhibit the "marking of territory," and will "squat" when going potty (just like a female puppy).

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