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About Us

We began breeding Goldendoodle puppies nearly 20 years ago.  We chose the Goldendoodle breed because of their sweet temperament and because they are allergy friendly.  We are a large family, and we have a son with severe allergies,  so working with a breed that is great with kids [and that wouldn't trigger our son's allergies] was a priority.

You may ask, "Are  you backyard breeders?" Absolutely!  Our onsite puppy parents and puppies have 3 acres of "backyard " to play and run in.  We feel that no animal should be crated for long periods of time and we love letting our dogs and puppies explore their world. When we aren't monitoring them, they have a large fenced yard to stay in.

We also made the decision a long time ago to keep our adoption prices fair and reasonable, so more families can experience the joy of bringing one of these precious bundles into their home. 

Thank you for considering us for your puppy adoption.

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